May 19, 2009


Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Those words from a 4-year old boy who was found by a neighbor naked, unconscious, and covered in blood on the floor of his home. Police called to the scene discovered that the boy was missing an eye and the other was terribly damaged. Little Angelo Mendoza Jr. told police, "My daddy ate my eyes."

What on earth possesses a man to do this to his beautiful young child?!?!

People like this don't deserve the rights afforded to them by the criminal justice system!

Your thoughts?

May 15, 2009

Good-bye to Jazz bassist Wayman Tisdale

Former OU, NBA great, and jazz musician Wayman Tisdale has died

Wayman, Dave Koz, Me/Philly 2005

Wayman Tisdale was truly one of the nicest, God-fearing men in entertainment. He will be missed!
TULSA -- Tisdale's wife, Regina, confirmed the sad news Friday morning. Wayman, who was just 44-years-old, died at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa.

Wayman had been battling cancer for the past two years. Last year, he had his right leg amputated below the knee in hopes of stopping the cancer, but his fight had continued.

He was a basketball standout at Booker T. Washington, Class of '82. Then he went on to the University of Oklahoma where he was a three-time First Team All-American.

From there he went to the Olympics in 1984 where he and his team won the gold medal.

He was drafted to the NBA and had a great career there.

Wayman also had a whole second career in the music industry as a jazz bassist, combining, funk, blues, and complex syncopated jazz rhythms to achieve notoriety in that field.

At a Legacy Award dinner last month, friends had noticed that Wayman had lost about 30 pounds.

According to the Tulsa's NewsChannel 8, Wayman was emotional at that April 16th Legacy Award ceremony, explaining how his family had helped him through this tough fight.

"And to my wife... she's been with me through thick and thin. And I know God gave me the right woman..." Wayman said. "Also, to my kids. My son. Come here boy. He had to grow up overnight. And become the man of the house overnight. And, there's not one day that goes by before he goes to bed that he says 'Dad, do you need anything?' And, I love you man."

Please keep the Tisdale family in your prayers.

May 12, 2009


It's a fairytale that's been told in many different versions the world over; a beautiful princess kisses a lowly frog which then magically transforms into a handsome prince. The newest version featuring Disney's first African American princess, has an interesting twist ...

Of course the story doesn't end there, but some are offended that in this version of this classic fairytale about "the most magical kiss the world has ever known", the first black princess becomes a frog.

Your thoughts?


Terrence Howard ... James (voice)

John Goodman ... Eli 'Big Daddy' LaBouff (voice)

Keith David ... Dr. Facilier (voice)

Anika Noni Rose ... Princess Tiana (voice)

Oprah Winfrey ... Eudora (voice)
Jim Cummings ... Ray (voice)

Jenifer Lewis ... Mama Odie (voice)

Bruno Campos ... Prince Naveen (voice)

May 06, 2009


You really don't!

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"An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease, but no disease can exist in an alkaline environment." REPEAT ... A
n acidic body is a breeding ground for disease but NO disease can exist in an alkaline environment.
Dr. Otto Warberg/Wolfe Holistic Health Clinic, British Columbia Canada

Dr. Otto Warberg received the Nobel prize for discovering the cause of cancer - this being lack of oxygen (or low alkaline pH). Scientists have found that healthy people have systems that are alkaline.

Two approaches exist today as to the best way to prevent or alleviate disease conditions:

* One wants to add toxins (poisons/prescription drugs) to a sick body, the idea is that the toxins will "fight" the illness. In other words, just give the patient toxic drugs and you sometimes get an immediate improvement; that is, if treatment is effective, no more disease symptoms.

** The other wants to remove toxins from a sick body, this is also called detox, the idea is that the toxins cause the disease. Detox removes the toxins and allows the body to heal itself ... REPEAT ... Detox removes the toxins and allows the body to heal itself.

The latter works!

It is possible to 'eat yourself well'!!
Eating more fruits and raw vegetables will help alkalize your body; remember disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

Transitioning to a more alkaline diet-- more raw veggies and fruits-- can go a long way towards improving your overall health. It requires a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and discipline to stick with it.

I've evolved to a more vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, and yes sometimes I fall off the wagon, but the amazing thing about it is when I do, my body lets me know ... "girlfriend get back on!!"
I feel so much better inside and out. And being an avid cook, it's been a challenge but also fun learning new healthier ways to cook old favorites.

Multi-award winning artist Kirk Franklin teams with the American Heart Association to raise awareness about about heart disease and stroke which are by-products of a poor non-alkaline diet.

Kirk Franklin
"Fight of Our HEALTH" Tour



May 01, 2009


Having my way with veggies and a crock pot...
Homemade vegetable soup
Zucchini, summer squash, carrot, red and green peppers onions, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, green beans, basil, oregano ...

Add water to crock pot and cook slow

Add chicken (optional)

Pasta and veggie stuffed roasted peppers ...!

Brown rice pasta, green/yellow zucchini, red onions, roasted peppers, spinach, garlic and other spices, roasted tomatoes... delish!    Lots of nutritious veggies, and the bran in brown rice pasta contains lots of dietary fiber and the germ contains many vitamins and minerals... much better than white pastas.

Red quinoa (like rice but packed with protien) with veggies... For the health conscious!

Carrots, peas, spinach, and bean spouts ... !

Quinoa is billed as a grain, but it’s actually a high-protein, super-nutritious seed that is as tasty and versatile as it is healthy.