May 12, 2009


It's a fairytale that's been told in many different versions the world over; a beautiful princess kisses a lowly frog which then magically transforms into a handsome prince. The newest version featuring Disney's first African American princess, has an interesting twist ...

Of course the story doesn't end there, but some are offended that in this version of this classic fairytale about "the most magical kiss the world has ever known", the first black princess becomes a frog.

Your thoughts?


Terrence Howard ... James (voice)

John Goodman ... Eli 'Big Daddy' LaBouff (voice)

Keith David ... Dr. Facilier (voice)

Anika Noni Rose ... Princess Tiana (voice)

Oprah Winfrey ... Eudora (voice)
Jim Cummings ... Ray (voice)

Jenifer Lewis ... Mama Odie (voice)

Bruno Campos ... Prince Naveen (voice)


  1. I don't get it. What is offensive about a fairy tale character turning into a frog?? Isn't that the stuff such tales are made of??

  2. They had to 'twist' it up a little otherwise it would be the same 'ol story, but couldn't they have at least created a black prince for the first black princess?

  3. a real twist, now why coudn't they have a black prince and I don't get it my girl turning into a frog. I'll have to see it, I was excited when they said they were going to do this movie. (great voice cast)

  4. WHAT! The princess turns into a frog?! That's what fairytales are made of my *$#!

  5. yeah, I was disappointed to hear she turns into a frog. I agree... wtf??? I definitely wanted a black princess who meets her black prince. they could have twisted any kind of story but the tradition is the princess finds her prince and lives happily ever after. Why the black girl got to turn into something that is not her beautiful black self?? That's the negative message sent to black girls. maybe they got too much of black love with the Obama's in the white house... you know "they" be scared...

  6. It looks like the prince is Hispanic...hes got a little tan going there...

  7. People stop whining. If you wanna call the movie racisit at least wait til after you've seen the god damn movie! GEEZ!