April 28, 2014

Teenage Fashionista Turning Heads!

Zeydana (Instagram)

I was perusing the Internet recently when I stumbled across a young J-lo look-a-like 
rocking an uber-chic men's inspired suit and killer fedora. The headline read, "Are You Feeling Zendaya’s Menswear-Inspired Suit?" 

My answer was a resounding, 'YES!! But, who's Zendaya??"  Well, I quickly found out!  

Actress/singer Zendaya Coleman (HelloBeautiful.com)

Several Google searches later, I discovered the the pretty multi-racial, teen-aged actress-singer-dancer Zendaya Coleman--simply known as Zeydana--first hit the scene at age
13 in the Disney comedy 'Shake It Up'.   
"Now in my defense, I no longer have 'Disney TV aged chil'ren at home anymore, but if I did, surely I'd have been in the know about ... Zeydana! SURELY!"
But it seems, over the past year or so she has been turning heads in a big way with her impeccable style sense.  Now, at age the 17-year old 'triple threat' has fast become the newest fashionista on the block.

The TV star and platinum selling singer turns heads wherever she goes. And, she doesn't appear to mind spreading the 'fashion love' around; Zendaya released a book last year titled "Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence" last summer."

Meantime, while talking about her wardrobe as a contestant on the 2013 season of
'Dancing with the Stars', Zendaya told the Huffington Post, "They show a lot of skin on that show. I wanted to make sure that all my outfits were appropriate because there's young girls watching me, and I want to make sure they can see that you can be beautiful without having to show everything."

(Photo: Zendaya.com/DWTS)

Zendaya's name comes from the word “Tendai”/”Tendayi”, which means ‘to give 
thanks’ in the Shona language, a South Western African language common in 
Zimbabwe and southern Zambia.  Her father is African-American and her mother has German, Irish, and English ancestry.

In this day and age day of underwear exposing saggy, baggy pants on the young fellas,
to thong revealing hip huggers on young girls,  todays tweens, teens (and older)  can learn alot from the classy, young style sensation ... Zeydana.

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